Dayna Pool PhD

Clinical Lead

Dayna has been a physiotherapist in the area of neurological rehabilitation since 2003. Her clinical and research interests are in the area of activity based rehabilitation, utilising functional electrical stimulation to improve function and participation in children with neurological conditions and injuries. 

Between 2011 and 2017, Dayna was the Clinical Co-ordinator and Lead of the iRehab program (a sub-acute multidisciplinary rehabilitation program at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, Perth Australia). 

Dayna is committed to ongoing research embedded within clinical practice to ensure active knowledge translation in order to promptly improve treatment outcomes. She is currently a post-doctoral fellow at Curtin University, Perth Australia.

Clinical Lead - Healthy Strides Foundation

Education & Training - Therapists Abroad

Clinical education and training

Marissa Smith


Marissa has been a physiotherapist since 2007 and has a wealth of experience in the area of acute and sub-acute neurological rehabilitation in both the adult and paediatric sector. Marissa’s clinical interests are in the area of activity based rehabilitation and functional electrical stimulation. 

She is dedicated to providing evidence based interventions for all of her clients. Marissa has extensive experience in providing locomotor training for children with cerebral palsy and is actively involved as a Senior Physiotherapist in the iStride Locomotor Training Research Program at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children and Curtin University, Perth Australia.

Loren West

Occupational Therapist

Loren graduated as an occupational therapist in 2016 and has since developed a passion for providing evidence based interventions for children with neurological conditions and injuries. Her clinical interests are in the utilisation of technology for upper limb functional training in order to improve quality of life and participation. 

Loren has had extensive experience as an Allied Health Assistant within the iRehab program at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children where she gained invaluable experience in appreciating the need for integrated multidisciplinary interventions that is grounded by research and best clinical care.

Georgina Jones

Kindy Moves Co-ordinator

Georgina is passionate about providing integrated family focused Early Intervention Programs that utilise methods that improve communication whilst ensuring that movement goals are seamlessly integrated. 

Georgina has a background of Physical Education and Education in Human Movement having worked in UniGym and UniSwim Programs at the University of Western Australia. She also brings a wealth of experience having worked as an Allied Health Assistant, Research Assistant and Swimming facilitator over the past 10 years. Georgina is directly involved in our KINDY MOVES (ages 2-5 years) program.

Meagan Smith

Rehabilitation Assistant

Meagan is an experienced Allied Health Assistant having worked in both the aged care sector as well as in the provision of intensive therapy, locomotor training programs for children with cerebral palsy at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children and Curtin University, Perth Australia. 

Meagan understands the importance of targeted therapies to improve outcomes as well as the need to ensure that children and engaged and motivated during their therapy sessions. Meagan is passionate about research and is dedicated to ensuring that therapy is the right balance of focused work and fun.

Jen Prior

Consumer Liaison

Jen Prior spent ten years working as a Primary School teacher and then whilst completing her Bachelor of Science, worked as a Nurse at Princess Margaret Hospital. She is an advocate for important social issues such as the inclusion of people with disabilities in Media and Advertising.

Jen is also a busy mother of four, with two of her children having Cerebral Palsy. She has spent the last ten years navigating  the health and disability sectors. Jen brings with her the daily experiences of being a parent of children with disability, as well as knowledge from working within the Education and Health systems of Western Australia.

Sophia Gribbon


Sophia has been practising as a physiotherapist since 2010, with over 5 years experience providing rehabilitation for children with neurological conditions. Sophia has worked at Princess Margaret Hospital (now Perth Children’s Hospital), community-based disability services and the WA Country Health Service. 

She has a passion for evidence based practise with a strong interest in activity based rehabilitation, along with a belief that children should be involved with their goal setting and therapy provision whenever possible. She loves to build children’s capacities and confidence to set and achieve their own goals and therefore realise their own potential. 

Corrin Walmsley

Occupational Therapist

Corrin graduated as an occupational therapist in 2014 with first class honours. Corrin is passionate about evidence-based practice and soon after graduating embarked on her PhD studies at Curtin University. Her thesis investigated the use of wearable sensors to measure upper limb range of motion in young children with cerebral palsy. This research was completed in affiliation with Kids Rehab WA at Perth Children’s Hospital. 

Corrin has worked in a research capacity on several national research trials run through Perth Children’s Hospital and has gained invaluable experience in the assessment of the upper limb for children with neurological disorders. 

Georgia Hoffman


Georgia has been a Physiotherapist since 2012 and has a wealth of experience in acute, sub acute and community sectors, across adult and paediatric populations. She has extensive experience working with neuro-developmental caseloads and has worked across a range of acute areas in the public health system.

Georgia’s clinical interests are intensive intervention, play based therapy, locomotor training and functional exercise, especially in early intervention with a special interest in

high-level gross motor skills. She is dedicated to providing evidence-based intervention to all of her clients.

Kelly Savage

Speech Pathologist

Kelly has worked as a Speech Pathologist in the health and disability sector, developing specialist skills in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), assistive technology, aided language input, eye gaze, switch access, literacy development and social communication. 

She enjoys working in a multi-disciplinary team to achieve holistic outcomes. Kelly is the founder and coordinator of the Variety Motor Mouth Camp, which runs annual intensive therapy camps for children who use speech generating devices and their families. 

Kelly is also the local WA consultant for Liberator communication devices. She is an active member of AGOSCI, recently co-chairing the 2019 AGOSCI Conference, which showcased best practice from Australia’s AAC Community.

Lucy Fitzsimons

Speech Pathologist

Lucy graduated as a Speech Pathologist in 2012 and has since gained experience working with children and their families in acute, private practice, disability and community services both in Perth and Melbourne. She gained experience providing intensive multidisciplinary rehabilitation during her time as a Senior Speech Pathologist in the iRehab program at Princess Margaret Hospital for children.

Lucy’s clinical interest are in multidisciplinary interventions, aided language stimulation and communication development. She is passionate about helping all children maximise their functional communication to actively participate in life. Lucy is very excited to be part of the Healthy Strides team to support the Kindy Moves program.

Matthew Haddon

Volunteer Co-ordinator

Matthew is a third year Curtin University Physiotherapy student. Along with co-ordinating our sizeable volunteer base, he is also completing his honours project through the Healthy Strides Foundation.

Matthew is investigating the feasibility of an intensive treadmill training intervention delivered within an inter-disciplinary framework for children with neurological conditions and injuries. 

He has worked and volunteered with Senses Australia, Muscular Dystrophy WA, Nulsen Disability Services and a range of organisations in Vietnam and Cambodia. 

Jordan Dinh

Therapy Assistant

Jordan joined the team as a volunteer in 2018 and has progressed to become one of our highly trained therapy assistants.

Soon to be in his final year of Physiotherapy at Curtin University Perth, Western Australia - he is keen to continue his learning experience in paediatrics with Healthy Strides.

He has been a part of our Telethon funded KINDY MOVES program along with assisting in our STRIDE and ACTIVATE intensive therapy programs.

Bridget Chapman

Therapy Assistant

Bridget joined the team in 2019 volunteering in our Telethon funded research project - KINDY MOVES. since completing her Allied Health Assistant qualification, Bridget has now come on staff as a full fledged Therapy Assistant and we're thrilled to have her on board

Keen to continue her professional development in the area of paediatrics, Bridget is assisting in our ACTIVATE and STRIDE intensive therapy programs as well as taking part in our on-going research projects.